Certificate Structure Data
CCountryUS, GB, DE, etc
STState or ProvinceCA, NV, etc
LLocation, CityRocklin, Los Angeles, etc
OOrganisation, CompanyFrank4DD, ACME Corp, etc
OUDept or SubdivisionSupport, Sales, etc
eAE-Mail Addressyou@somewhere.com
CNSystem Name *i.e. www.fm4dd.com
* Mandatory field CN: Can be set with a DNS name, IP address, serial number, or any other identifier.

Create a New Certificate Key - Choose Key Type and Strength:
Generate RSA key pair select RSA key size here
Generate DSA key pair select DSA key size here
Generate ECC key pair select ECC key size here
Select CSR Signature Algorithm:
CSR Signing Algorithm: select CSR signing algorithm here

Optional: Request Certificate Extension Data
SAN Subject Alternative Name 1
Subject Alternative Name 2
Subject Alternative Name 3
Subject Alternative Name 4
Subject Alternative Name 5
Subject Alternative Name 6
Optional: For E-Mail Encryption (S/MIME) certificates, set the User Name:
GNGiven NameFirst Name, i.e. John, Paul
SNSurnameLast Name, i.e. Doe, Miller


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