Convert certificates into a new PKCS12 file

Build a new PKCS12 file from local certs.

Required: The certificate for PKCS12 conversion
Step 1 Upload Your certificate (PEM format)
Required: The certificates private key file for PKCS12 conversion
Step 2 Upload Your certificate private key (PEM format)
Optional: The certificates signing CA file(s) can also be included in the PKCS12 bundle
Step 3 Upload the signing CA file (PEM format)
Required: Passphrase to protect the PKCS12 file
Step 4 Passphrase can be up to 40 chars

Analyze and display the content of a PKCS12 file

Take a PKCS12 file and display what is inside.

Required: The PKCS12 file for analysis
Step 1 Upload Your PKCS12 file (.pfx or .p12 extensions)
Required: Passphrase to read the PKCS12 file
Step 2 Passphrase can be up to 40 chars


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